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Umbrella Deep M White


Umbrellas are the backbone of many photographers’ toolboxes, understandably so, because they are easy to work with and ideal to bring to location. Profoto Umbrellas are made to the same exacting standards we apply to all our light modifiers. Available in 18 unique versions and made with high-quality fabrics and surface-treated metallic elements, Profoto Umbrellas provide a superior light and last for many years. All of Profoto’s deep umbrellas have a deep parabolic shape compared with the average umbrella. The deeper the shape, the better control you have of the light spread. It also allows you to focus and shape light by simply sliding the umbrella shaft backward or forward in its holder. The Umbrella Deep White reflects a natural and soft light.


  • Deeper shape for better control and precise light shaping.

  • Compact, lightweight and extremely portable.

  • Very easy to use.

  • 16 glass fiber rods for a parabolic shape and a more even light spread.

  • Made with heat resistant, high-quality fabrics.

  • Surface treated metallic elements to prevent rust and discoloration.

  • Use with an optional diffuser for a softer, more even light spread.

  • Delivered with a labeled bag that protects the umbrella during storage and transport.

Rate / Day : $31

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