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Acute 2R 2400


The Acute2 has been a popular choice for a longer period of time than any other currently available Profoto generator. There is a reason for that. Just try finding another generator with this much light packed into such a small and lightweight package. In addition, the Acute2 offers no less than three asymmetrical outlets, ready to be used in the studio or when you decide to take the studio to the location. The Acute2R differs from the standard Acute2 in that is comes with a built-in PocketWizard® receiver.

Small and lightweight

Three lamp head sockets with asymmetric power distribution results in a wide variety of possible setups and creative freedom.

6 f-stop power range.

Manual switch for use with either 100-120 V or 200-240 V mains outlets.

Proven reliability.

Built-in PocketWizard® receiver for wireless sync.

Rate / Day : $235

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