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OCF Softboxes create a soft and flattering light and they’re designed to be fast and easy to use on location. Constructed from a unique material, they are lightweight and easy to fold and unfold, which makes them very compact and portable so you can carry them in your location lighting bag. Add to that the fixed diffuser, the patent-pending speedring and the color-coded rods for extra fast set-up. The OCF Softbox Rectangular suits most photography areas and so it’s no surprise that this is one of our most popular models. Smaller rectangular softboxes provide a semi-soft but distinct light and the larger ones a soft, almost shadow free, light. Important to note: Only to be used with Profoto flashes with LED modeling light. Must not be used with Profoto flashes with halogen modeling light due to heat resistance.


  • Creates a soft and flattering light.

  • Color-coded rods and fixed diffusers for fast and easy setup.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Made with high-quality fabrics.

  • Use with an optional softgrid for even more precise light shaping.

  • Delivered in a labeled soft bag.

Rate / Day : $35

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